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google listings - claiming listings for small businesses

13 Apr Google Search Listings: What is SEO and why is it important?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is what the crew at PDS Print & Digital Solutions refers to as “Google Juice”. It is power that pumps up your website to be found in online listings when viewers are searching for your products or services. Having good SEO qualities can place you ahead of your competitor on web searches (through Google Search Listings, Bing Search Listings, etc.)

If someone needs a service and looks for it on their electronic device (mobile phone, computer or tablet), they enter a keyword and location to get the  nearest service provider.

pizza traverse city mi Google SearchFor example: Jane is in Traverse City and wants to find a pizza place for dinner. She enters “Pizza” and “Traverse City” in the search bar on her phone’s internet search. After she enters the search, the results pop up in list format.

How do you get on the first page?

As a business owner, you want to be on the first page of the Google Search Listings. You need people to find you. Here are some options that will help your SEO:

  1. DIRECT SEARCH ADS (PPC – Pay Per Click): Pay Google, or another search engine company, directly for a premium ad listing.
  2. WEBSITE CONTENT: Make sure your website has the right content.
  3. VERIFY LISTINGS: Make sure your contact information, website link and location are verified on accredited websites (Google Maps, Yelp, Bing).
  4. SOCIAL MEDIA: Create a business Facebook page with the correct content, current information and consistent posts (and link it to your website).
  5. LINK BUILDING: Link to other websites that pertain to your industry. (ex. if you sell Purina Dog Food, see if you can list your website on Purina’s site as a local seller)
  6. ASSOCIATIONS: Link to local media and associations. (ex. Newspapers and Chambers of Commerce).


SEO Explained: Video

Here is a GREAT video by Search Engine Land that explains SEO for anyone to understand:

Cheaters Never Prosper… on Google

Google has specific rules to their search rankings. If you try to “cheat” they will penalize you by pushing you down in the search list. One form of cheating is linking to sites that are NOT legit connections with your business. For Example, an Auto Repair Garage in Cadillac, Michigan shouldn’t be linking your site to a Disney site in Florida. Even though the Disney site gets high traffic, you are not affiliated with them or located near them. Throwing your link up on every site you can, will get you in trouble with all-mighty Google. Let’s say the same Auto Garage in Cadillac links to an Auto Parts store located down the road and does regular business with them, then Google will be pleased. It is good to stick to normal, natural, local link building to stay in google’s good graces. As a result they will reward you.


We’ve got your back(end)

PDS Print and Digital Solutions builds websites with on-page SEO and we have the tools to help with off-page SEO (links). We build in all the proper code to the back end of your website design. If you want to get ahead in the Google Search Listings, contact a PDS digital expert today!