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About This Directory

Newaygo is proudly home to three major dams – Hardy, Croton and Newaygo. The Hardy dam boasts being the largest dam of its kind east of the Mississippi. In addition to the dams, Newaygo county offers a number of recreational options with its many lakes, rivers and campgrounds.

Looking for a unique festival-going experience? Don’t miss out on Fremont’s National Baby Food Festival which welcomes more than 100,000 visitors annually.

For more than a decade PDS has published and distributed more than 26,000 copies of the Newaygo county directory to Newaygo area residents and businesses.

The Newaygo directory features advertising for local businesses and has the information you want, when you need it.

As always PDS Print & Digital Solutions continues to provide Newaygo communities with local service by local people.

Publishing Information

Published: Yearly
Population: 48,897

Areas Covered

Bailey, Bitely, Broham, Casnovia, Fremont, Grant, Hesperia, Holton, Kent City, Newaygo, Twin Lake, White Cloud

Zip Codes Covered

49303, 49309, 49312, 49318, 49327, 49330, 49337, 49349, 49412, 49421, 49425, 49445, 49457