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01 Feb The Scoop on Digital Marketing

If you are looking into ways to extend your reach to customers online you will need to know more about digital marketing. Here is some information to help you as you are investigating and wondering where to start.


What is Digital Marketing?
Digital Marketing can be summed up as ways to get online users to engage with your website or page. To do this you first need a good website. The website is your online real estate. Much like having a physical location, you need to have an online location. Once you do, you need customers to find you. Digital marketing helps the community to find your website in online search, ads and social media.


Why is Digital Marketing important for Small Businesses?
It is vital for any business to reach potential customers online. Over 200 Million people in the US use the internet. There are several types of consumers that search online to find local products and services. As “Millennials” get older they will have more purchasing power. They are the largest population of internet users in the world. Currently the bulk of baby boomers prefer print media, but an increasing number of them are also using digital gadgets.
Smartphone use is rapidly on the rise, so it is also important to make sure your website is mobile friendly. If it isn’t then you are losing out on a big chunk of potential customers.



How do you market online?
The key for marketing online is to have your website link and info visible to internet users. You would never expect to get high traffic if you put a billboard in your basement. This is the same with online visibility! The best ways to market online are: SEO, Targeted Advertising, and Social Media.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a fancy term for getting your website found in online search. The way to boost your ranking is to make sure the content in your website is accurate and searchable. You can also claim your online profiles (maps) on Google, Yahoo & Bing (major search engines). Linking your website to other popular, relevant sites helps search engines (like Google) validate your site. Those sites are called Authority Sites. Examples of Authority Sites are your local chamber of commerce, any brand that you sell, industry associations or organizations that you are a member of and local newspapers.


Who should you work with to start marketing online?
Most small business owners and managers don’t have the time or resources to create digital marketing campaigns. When outsourcing your digital marketing, it is best to work with a company who knows your area and your target audience. It is also more convenient to have someone to work with face to face who is readily available when you have questions. They should also give you statistics periodically so that you KNOW that your marketing is working and you’re getting a return on your digital advertising investment.


When should I start marketing online?
Digital Marketing works for you as soon as you start. Through time it grows your online presence and you get more results. If you aren’t marketing online currently then you are leaving money on the table for your competition to grab. The best time to start was yesterday!
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